Book Review: Secrets of the Fall by Kailin Gow

Book Synopsis (from Goodreads):

The Donovan Brothers… two gorgeous brothers in love with the same girl. How far would they fall to have her? One of them will claim her, but the other will find her. Only one can win her forever, unless their family secrets destroy everything.

After finding out who she should be with and who she wants to be with, Summer is devastated by the tragic news of one of the Donovan Brothers.

In this fourth book in the Loving Summer Series and the second book in the Donovan Brothers Trilogy; go into the minds of the Donovan Brothers and find out the shocking secret that could destroy everything they have with Summer.

My Book Review:

This review may contain spoilers from the previous books in the Series.

The previous book wasn’t my favorite but I bought this one because I felt I had to know how the story is going to end.

In my reviews I always express my honest and personal opinion, write this one has been especially difficult for me because I really liked this Series at the beginning, but the last two books (including this one) haven’t been my cup of tea.

First, the good things about this book:

I enjoy the multiple POV (especially when it includes male characters) and in this one we have the POVs of Summer and the two Donovan Brothers (my favorite was the narration from Drew’s POV).

There’s more of Drew in this book, he’s my favorite character and in this book we see the different sides of him.

Now, let’s talk about the not so good things:

The plot in this book wasn’t really my favorite, I found parts of the story hard to believe (I won’t give any spoilers) and I felt the ending was a little rushed.

There’s again a cliffhanger. This is the fourth book and I would like to know how many books are going to be before we can get an ending for the story.

I didn’t find Summer (the main female character) likeable enough, mostly because I think her constant indecision has been a little too much.

Some final thoughts and my rating:

★ ★ 1/2 stars. I liked some things of this book but the truth is that I struggled to finish reading it, it wasn’t as enjoyable as the first two books and it didn’t help to keep my interest in the Series.

Am I going to read the next book in the Series? I’m not sure yet, but probably not.