Food Places: New Year’s Eve at Cantinetta in Bellevue, WA.

Originally my husband and I had planned to have our New Year’s Eve dinner at home but that afternoon we suddenly changed our plans and decided to look for a restaurant in Bellevue, after walking a few blocks we found a lovely Italian place called “Cantinetta”.

The place is really nice, the service good, great music and we really enjoyed the food and best of all is that we didn’t need a reservation for the day (which was great).

This is what we ordered for our first course:

For my second course I ordered the Risotto and my husband shared some of his Ravioli with me.

We also enjoyed a Filet mignon and a some dessert (unfortunately I don’t have a picture to share, but both were good).

Considering that we enjoyed the place we will probably be back in the future. 🙂

Lifestyle: Having fun with Board Games during the Winter.

Yesterday it rained and fell some snow in Bellevue, an ideal weather to be inside, drink hot chocolate and enjoy playing Board Games.
It was the first time we played Scrabble, so we were playing and learning.

“The Game of Life” is one of my favorite board games, this time we played the “Fame Edition” (my husband had a career as a Musician and I was a Film Director), in the end I won. 😄

Happy Holidays! 🌲