Monday on the grill.

Summer is coming and what better way to start the week that spend some time outside on the grill with some steaks and veggies 😁. ​​ Advertisements

Food Places: Saturday at Pho All Day at Downtown Bellevue, WA.

Located in Bellevue Plaza (Downtown Bellevue) there’s one of my favorite eating places, the Pho All Day. My husband and I are regular customers (our preferred day being Saturday) and I love that as soon as they see us enter they greet us, they know what tables we like to sit and what we usually…

Coffee Before Talking: Toasted Coconut Cold Brew from Starbucks.

This is the new Toasted Coconut Cold Brew from Starbucks.  With a rich flavor that as Coffee Lover I particularly enjoyed and considering that even my husband liked it (which surprised me because he’s usually partial to sweeter drinks like Mocha) this is a Cold Brew that I’ll be buying again while is available.

Food Places: New Year’s Eve at Cantinetta in Bellevue, WA.

Originally my husband and I had planned to have our New Year’s Eve dinner at home but that afternoon we suddenly changed our plans and decided to look for a restaurant in Bellevue, after walking a few blocks we found a lovely Italian place called “Cantinetta”. The place is really nice, the service good, great…