Food Places: Saturday at Pho All Day at Downtown Bellevue, WA.

Located in Bellevue Plaza (Downtown Bellevue) there’s one of my favorite eating places, the Pho All Day.

My husband and I are regular customers (our preferred day being Saturday) and I love that as soon as they see us enter they greet us, they know what tables we like to sit and what we usually eat (we order the same every time we visit this place). I like to eat the Pho Seafood with the Fish Nuggets, my husband likes the Pho Chicken with the Chicken Nuggets and we usually share one or two orders of the delicious Shrimp Rangoon as an appetizer.

The food at this place is good, but the main reason we keep coming back (even during warmer days when most of the people is not on the mood to eat things like Pho) is because we really appreciate the service they provide and well…. for those really hot days you can always order something else from the Menu or try one of their Bubble Teas with Tapioca 😃, I like the Coconut one but last Saturday I decided to try the Taro flavor (my new favorite) and my husband opted for Coconut (but after one taste of the Taro he liked it more).

If you are in Downtown Bellevue take a chance and visit this place, I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

* If you want to see their Menu you can find it here.

Food Places: New Year’s Eve at Cantinetta in Bellevue, WA.

Originally my husband and I had planned to have our New Year’s Eve dinner at home but that afternoon we suddenly changed our plans and decided to look for a restaurant in Bellevue, after walking a few blocks we found a lovely Italian place called “Cantinetta”.

The place is really nice, the service good, great music and we really enjoyed the food and best of all is that we didn’t need a reservation for the day (which was great).

This is what we ordered for our first course:

For my second course I ordered the Risotto and my husband shared some of his Ravioli with me.

We also enjoyed a Filet mignon and a some dessert (unfortunately I don’t have a picture to share, but both were good).

Considering that we enjoyed the place we will probably be back in the future. 🙂