About Me and This Blog

About Me:

Blogger, Reviewer, Foodie, Passionate about Social Media, Photography, Books and Coffee Lover.

Thanks to my dad and grandfather I’m an avid reader since I was a little girl and I became a Book Lover who’s constantly searching something new to read. When I like a book usually I can’t put it down until I finish reading (even if I have to stay awake all night).

Some of my favorite things to do are Blogging, Reading, Shopping, visit new places, watching Movies and take pictures everywhere I go (I’m very active on Instagram).


About This Blog:

I started this Blog as a way to share my thoughts, reviews, recommendations and things I find interesting.

My posts are mainly about Photography, Books, Movies, Music, Places, Food and Life in the Pacific Northwest.

I’m Bilingual (Spanish-English) and you can find me also posting in: http://www.detejoniaparaelmundo.com (Blog in Spanish) and kbooklover.tumblr.com .


Do you have a question, idea or a recommendation?