My First Blog – Starting a new life

Last year my husband received a proposition from his company, a job transfer. After thinking about it for some days we decided to take to the opportunity and start a whole new life here in WA, USA.
Between other things I had to quit my job and became a “stay at home wife”.  To be honest the part of “quit my job” wasn’t really the most difficult for me, after more than eleven years working I was ready to have a break and focus entirely in my personal life and also to do what I love the most: read books.
I’m still getting used to live in a new city and that’s why I thought about start my own Blog including books reviews, recommendations, photos and more.

It was thanks to my dad and grandfather that I became an avid reader since I was a little girl. When I like a book usually I can’t put it down until finish it.
My favorite author is Jane Austen, I love her books, the movies based on them and I never get tired of her.  I also love to read books from contemporary and independent authors, YA books, romance novels and more. I have a lot of ebooks in my Kindle, but I still buy printed books and I love going to the library (I go at least once a week).

I hope you enjoy my blog!    


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