Audiobooks – Currently listening: The Art of War.

I’m a fan of Game of Thrones and I think Aidan Gillen as Littlefinger is absolutely amazing, for that reason when I saw this version of “The Art of War” narrated by him I immediately bought it.  I’m currently on Chapter 8 and so far I love it!!  Advertisements

Reading List: The Selection Series by Kiera Cass.

Planning on finally reading this Series written by Kiera Cass.  I have the books in different editions (some in Kindle ebook in english, some in Kindle ebook in spanish and even one in audiobook from Audible).  My goal is to read them all by the end the year. 😄

My new website: Karla Echeverria Photography.

I’m so excited to announce that yesterday I started a new website Karla Echeverria Photography , where the content I’ll be sharing will be exclusively about photography.  Here’s a screenshot (from the view on my mobile device): Click here to visit the website.

Monday on the grill.

Summer is coming and what better way to start the week that spend some time outside on the grill with some steaks and veggies 😁. ​​